Asian Hornet Trap - High end

Asian Hornet Trap - High end

Asian Hornet Trap Made in France - Produced by us in Tergnier.

This trap is designed to be respectful of nature, it is selective and ecological! It captures only the Asian hornets and allows the other insects to get out.

The more people we trap, the more impact we will have on the hornets. Let's help our bees and fight!

Frelon Asiatique
  • In kit form - Do-it-yourself
  • Mount - Unpainted
  • Mounting and painting



This trap is available in 3 options:

In kit form: You are a handyman (you don't need to be much) and you have enough to screw in screws. This version is for you! You will need to assemble the parts together and paint the trap. Screws are supplied.

Trap assembled but not painted: We assemble the trap for you. We advise you to put a protection on the wood, like paint, so that the trap lasts in time. Afterwards, you will have to put some bait and wait for hornets to come.

Trap assembled AND painted: This is the ultimate luxury. Your trap arrives ready to use. All you have to do is put in the bait and wait for the hornets to come. The outside of the trap is painted red (apparently the colour that attracts most Asian hornets) and the inside is brushed with linseed oil.


This is a completely selective trap, it is designed to let out the smaller insects than the Asian hornet but will not let in the larger ones (European hornet). It is therefore ecological and respectful of nature!

The trap is made of 15mm exterior plywood. It needs to be painted or protected with linseed oil, to make the wood rot-proof. We advise you to paint it red (colour that attracts hornets)

It is fully supported by the straight tail joint plus screws. It is perfect to last in time

Whichever option you choose, the trap is made up of 2 elements: the trap (upper part) and the feeder (lower part where you put the bait)

This includes :

- the trap in plywood

- the feeder in plywood

- a wire mesh bottom (allowing the bait to be changed WITHOUT opening the trap)

- two Jabeprode plastic inlets (worth 10 euros)

- two fixed elements to hold the upper and lower part together

- screws


Thanks to the bottom part which can be detached without risk of releasing hornets, you can change the bait regularly and observe the result.

Undo the fixed elements at the bottom and put the bait in the feeder.

Close it again and wait for the hornets.

For the bait we recommend sweet bait at the beginning and end of the year, and protein bait in the middle of the season.

Place the trap, if possible, in a place where hornets pass. Above all, leave the Asian hornets inside the trap, as the hornet pheromones attract other hornets!

At the moment, home-made recipes are used for the bait. But new solutions are being developed, such as chemical pheromones. The advantage of this trap is that it will remain perfectly functional regardless of the bait and can therefore be reused over time and years.


The trap is manufactured by us in our workshop in Tergnier (02). The wood comes from French sources and the plastic inlets come from Jabeprode, also a French company. In short, cock-a-doodle-doo!


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